Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Pulpwood Queen Posting Photos from Talent Show with Video Features of FANNIE FLAGG at Girlfriend Weekend 2011!

Timber Guy Larry Brookshire and family, wife and Pulpwood Queen Kay on the end!

12 year old blues artist, Matthew Davidson with Tambourine Girls!

Matthew Davidson singing the blues!

Matthew Davidson!

The Pulpwood Queens of East Texas perform their skit!

Author David Valdes Greenwood performs song he wrote that wow'd the audience!

David Valdes Greenwood sings for talent show!

The Pulpwood Queens of Southwest Louisiana compete with song in talent show!

Author, Carol O'Dell performs from skit based on her book, "Mothering Mother!"

Author, Carol O'Dell and Head Pulpwood Queen of Chats Noir chapter!

Author, Neil White astounded the audience with his bouncing a ball 50 times on a tennis racket while drinking a glass of wine in high heels. Talk about talent!

Author, Lisa Wingate tells a TEXAS story for her talent!

Fannie Flagg, what a trooper!
Our Mistress of Ceremonies at Talent Show, author Deeanne Gist!

Author, Fannie Flagg brought it on for her talent in our competition!

Author, Fannie Flagg performs!

Authors, Kathi Kamen Goldmark, Mark Childress, and Fannie Flagg!

Authors, Kathy L. Patrick, Fannie Flagg, and Deeanne Gist!

Authors Fannie Flagg and Deeanne Gist! SUPERSTARS!!!!!
The Pulpwood Queens of Southwest Louisiana!

The Pulpwood Queen MIMOSA Queens!

Pulpwood Queen 'Splinters', Madeleine Patrick and Raven Johnson help out Marshall Chapman's husband, Chris, and MERCH GIRLS as they sold Marshall's BIG LONESOME CDS which I now have in my shop!

Fannie Flaggs talent of bird calls!


  1. What an amazing weekend and fun to relive it through all the pictures!