Monday, January 31, 2011

The Pulpwood Queen Posting Photos from Friday Day Panels of Girlfriend Weekend 2011!

Author, David Valdes Greenwood!
Ella Davidson, Jean and Russ Wright and Matthew Davidson!

Watching a teaser of documentary film maker Mary Murphy's film HEY BOO!

Documentary Film maker and Author, Mary Murphy talking about her film, HEY, BOO!

Mary Murphy speaking to the crowd!

12 year old blues artist, Matthew Davidson performing at Girlfriend Weekend!

Matthew Davidson performing at Girlfriend Weekend

Children's Author Panel featuring, Kathi Appelt, Kimberly Willis Holt, Melissa Conroy, and Kerry Madden!

Author, Janis Owens speaking with Sonny Brewer listening!

Author, Janis Owens speaking at book festival!

Musical artists, Matthew Davidson with big hug from Marshall Chapman!

Ella Davidson, Marshall Chapman and Matthew Davidson!

Good shot of Marshall Chapman and Kathy L. Patrick!

Author, Marshall Chapman with Kathy L. Patrick, praying I'm not breaking her legs, hahahhhahahA!

A Pulpwood Queen with author/musical artist, Marshall Chapman!

Authors, Janis Owens and Sonny Brewer!

Friday afternoon Keynote Speaker Sonny Brewer with author, Janis Owens!

Authors, Mark Childress, Melissa Conroy (daughter Lila in front), and Kathy L. Patrick!

Authors, Mark Childress and Kathy L. Patrick!

Authors, from left to right, Deeanne Gist, Lisa Wingate, Judy Christie, Janis Owens, Denise Hildreth Jones, and my co-host of Girlfriend Weekend, Robert Leleux!

Author, Mark Childress speaking at Girlfriend Weekend!

Friday Morning Keynote Speaker, Author, Mark Childress of "Georgia Bottoms"!

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