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11th Anniversary Girlfriend Weekend Author, January 13, 2011!

Dear Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys!

We have attained the TRIPLE CROWN! Announcing our Keynote Speakers for our 2011 book club hosted event, Fannie Flagg, Pat Conroy, and Rick Bragg! Woo! Hoo!

Mark your calendars for January 13 - 16, 2011, as that is THE DATE for the 11th Anniversary Girlfriend Weekend Author Extravaganza, our Pulpwood Queen and Timber Guy hosted book club convention. Flamboyant comedian, actress, screenwriter, and author, FANNIE FLAGG, of "I Still Dream About You, Honey: A Novel" has just been confirmed by Random House Publishers to be one of our Keynote Speakers during Girlfriend Weekend 2011!

New York Time's Bestselling author, back by popular demand, Pat Conroy of "My Reading Life" has confirmed , also Random House Publishers, he will too be here with this incredible message below that he personally emailed me. Look out Pulpwood Queens, he's bringing with his entourage', his best friend, Bernie Schein! You have been warned!!!!!

dear kathy patrick,
it seems as though glory is breaking out all around you.my visit to the pulpwood queen weekend changed my life and all for the better.im still grateful that you let me sign books with my daughter melissa.it was a first for both of us and we could not have selected a more welcoming venue.we loved everything about it.and want to sign up for next year.janis and cassandra have answered your wild call and they want to come to.and ive created a monster in bernie schein.since my return from texas,ive heard only this from bernie...did you tell them i write all of your books?did you tell them that pat conroy is only a psuedonym for bernie schein?did you warn those poor texas women about my outrageous and mythic sexual attraction to all
>members of the opposite sex?did you tell them that texas women,in particular,are susceptible to my animal like magnetism that could only be compared to the wantonness of the great apes?bernies alredy overactive fantasy life has gone through the roof since i was in texas.
> so well be in texas if you still want us to come.i had the time of my life and fell in love with those sterred up writers who seemed caught up with the sweetness of our language,the wonder of the stories we tell in that language and the maddening world of getting those stories published.there was a lost spirit that i found again at girlfriends weekend.it was the joyfulness of creation,the pre eminence of writing well that entire ambiance that seemed to combine the fellowship of the ring with the sisters of the traveling pants.i simply cant wait to do it again.congratulations on all that is happening to you kathy.i wish i could say i was surprised.but you are on to something big,girl,something very big and it could not happen to a nicer woman.tell all those boys and girls i said hey.
great love,
pat conroy

AND if that is not enough, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist and Author, Rick Bragg, of "The Most They Ever Had", MacAdam/Cage, told me in person, "I'll be there." at the Alabama Book Festival! His previous books, "It's All Over But the Shoutin'", "Ava's Man", and "Prince of Frogtown" have all been Pulpwood Queen and Timber Guy Book Club Selections so we are thrilled we have this man's word he is coming to our big ta do!

Last year we SOLD OUT on almost all events and this year I am letting you know that for OFFICIAL Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys Book Club members, the Early Bird Special is NOW in effect and selling ever so briskly!

Authors that have been invited to attend are:

Fannie Flagg
Pat Conroy
Cassandra King
Bernie Schein
Janis Owens
Melissa Conroy
Rick Bragg
Robert Leleux
Neil White
Mark Childress
River Jordan
Shellie Rushing Tomlinson
Ad Hudler
Michael Morris
Denise Hildreth Jones
Charles Martin
Patti Callahan Henry
Elise Blackwell
Jeanine Cummins
Amy Bourret
Judy Christie
Marcia Fine
Kimberly Willis Holt
Kathi Appelt
Vladimir Radunsky
Sam Bracken
Echo Garrett
Lisa Wingate
Susan Parker
Deeanne Gist
Tony Simmons
Michael Lister
Olivia deBelle Byrd
Dr. Mark Green
Karl Lenker
Jennie Helderman
Robert Greer
Judy Christie
Kathleen Kaska
Jenny Gardiner
Jamie Ford
Nicole Seitz
Helen Simonson
Kelly O'Conner McNees
Robin Oliveira
Todd Johnson
Susan Gregg Gilmore
Alice Hoffman
Caroline Leavitt
Robin Hemley
Carolyn Turgeon
M.L. Malcolm
Kathi Kamen Goldmark
Sam Barry
Jane Porter

For Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guy Members ONLY:

Now until September 1st, 2010 or as long as tickets remain, you may purchase your ticket to our Author Dinner Theater for $50 per member. Author Dinner Theater includes:
Author Chef prepared dinner
Authors will be our wait staff and nobody can forget that at last year's event Pat Conroy, served the Sweet Tea!
And Playwright/Author, Michael Listor will be starring in one of his own plays set in a beauty shop with the all- star cast being authors!

Now until September 1st, 2010 or as long as packages remain, you can now book your reserved Pulpwood Queen Package for Girlfriend Weekend. $150 per person this price includes:

Bracelet that will get you entry for ALL Friday and Saturday author panels and for BOTH Friday and Saturday night entertainment including our Grand Finale, our "Great Big Ball of Hair" Ball!

This year's 11th Anniversary theme is "It's All About the Story"! So the costumes for the ball must be favorite book character, author, or perhaps for the Girl Group Competition you could All come as the characters for the book!

PLUS Official Pulpwood Queen T-shirt, this year's original design "It's All About the Story" by Children's Pulpwood Queen Book of the Year Author/Illustrator/Doll Designer, Melissa Conroy!

This year we also will be receiving some amazing complimentary galleys and I already have confirmed some pretty amazing authors returning and some brand spanking NEW ones that you won't want to miss! We are also adding a Pulpwood Queen V.I.P. room for Head Queens and Authors only so those running our chapters will get even more up close and personal time with the authors with refreshments and treats too!

Details on the event will be posted as confirmed and do note this event runs through Sunday Worship Service at The First United Methodist Church! Plan to wear your Sunday Crowns, your hats and Dr. Mark Green of "My Night with Saddam" will be our author speaker.

Our phone lines are open to reserve your tickets and packages at 903-665-7520 and we do accept ALL major credit cards. Checks may be sent and made payable to:

Beauty and the Book
608 North Polk Street
Jefferson, Texas 75657

To become an Official Member: Send in your check or call for major credit card, 903-665-7520, for $25 and you become a Lifetime Member. We will need this information for membership:
Phone number
Email, very important
T-shirt size
Name of Pulpwood Queen Chapter you wish to start of join as:
The Pulpwood Queens of ? and their city location
After I receive this information and payment I will mail out your Pulpwood Queen Packet or Packets :
Official Membership Card
Official Membership Certificate
Official Pulpwood Queen Hot Pink logo t-shirt
After receiving payment you are now eligible to purchase your Early Bird Special to our book club convention. You may go to our website http://www.beautyandthebook.com/ and click on Pulpwood Queens too, to read all about becoming a member or starting a chapter. Email me at kathy@beautyandthebook.com if you have any questions.

Book your hotel and bed & breakfast accommodations NOW here in Jefferson, Texas for our 11th Anniversary Girlfriend Weekend, January 13 - 16, 2011 as all accommodations are booking fast as chapters are all ready booking their rooms for the weekend.

For those that have been here in the past, you know how fantabulous our event has been. I have, by invitation only, invited in some of the best authors in the country and out, to come right here to historic Jefferson, Texas. If you have never attended, be prepared for an experience to last a lifetime! I live for this event every year and work on it all year to make sure you have the best in authors and books for your reading year.

ONLY OFFICIAL Pulpwood Queen and Timber Guy Book Club Selections are invited and author, Robert Leleux, author of "the memoir of a beautiful boy" will be back by popular demand to co-host this event with me!

What are you waiting for? Welcome to the Wonderful World of The Pulpwood Queens and Timber Buys and do know, we put on the greatest book club author and book festival in the WORLD!

Tiara wearing and Book sharing,
Kathy L. Patrick
Author of "The Pulpwood Queens' Tiara Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life", Grand Central Publishing
Founder of the Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys Book Clubs, the largest "meeting and discussing" book club in the world!
Beauty and the Book

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